About Us

How did we start our project?

Nubs was founded on July 31st, 2021 by Rider. Quickly after that, she decided to bring on Hubs onto her team, and together they both started Nubs as a fun community where everyone has fun, calls each other nub, and so on. Quickly growing to about 40+ members, they decided to make convoys, for fun, started off as something for fun, then turned into something they were invested in. They both set everything up, hired a couple of people then started planning the event with the help of the Event Managers, Event team, Media team, and as well GM support.

What do we offer?


Our purpose is to entertain everyone with either our bot, website, upcoming convoys and as well our discord server. We strive to make everyone enjoy their stay in either discord or in convoys. We are always welcoming with open arms. Our community is a community you wanna be in, have fun work together, call each other nubs. Nubs is not only full of noobs, but it is a family of noobs.

Discord server

Our Discord server offers a lot, from the bot to the games in that server to just talking with people, every day we try to make the server more enjoyable with more games, more activities, and as well leaks and surprises.


As you may know, we make convoys, we are also hiring people every day and making our team grow, our staff team gets the perks that no one else does. Special leaks, insider work for the website, bot, and upcoming events/activities for the public. They are part of the reason for most of what we do.